Alcott Street

A Safe Place to Get Back into Life

Once residents have completed the Granada House six-month program, they have the option of moving into a transition house called 12 Alcott Street. The move takes them from a house of 24 residents to one with just eight residents. Located in a quiet, family neighborhood, the eight men and women who live within the house have a unique chance to continue recovery in a less structured environment for up to six months.

Life at 12 Alcott Street:

  • Continue to build support systems and habits learned while at Granada House in order to get back into mainstream society.
  • Residents are required to attend five AA or NA meetings per week. 
  • They must go on at least one commitment a month with a local AA group. 
  • They must have a sponsor, join a local group, and actively participate by having a job or role within that group. 
  • Attend a weekly in-house meeting where residents are given a chance to talk about issues affecting recovery and life.
  • Encouraged to have a bank account and save for an apartment after they leave Alcott Street.