Dave’s Story

“My journey….

My journey to the Granada House began way before I got there. I came to New England in 2005 as a biologist, to work for the Federal Government/National Marine Fisheries. The thing is, when you have addictions/problems they follow you wherever you, unless you change your habits and behaviors.

One foggy night in October 2007, I was involved in an automobile accident with a man on a motorcycle, and the man passed away. I eventually was charged with an OUI and motor vehicle Homocide, rightfully so, because I had been drinking. It would be easy to blame the accident on the fog or a number of other things, but the truth is I had been drinking and got behind the wheel as I had done so many times throughout my life. The blame is mine because I refused to get help or change my life or my habits. I was charged and convicted of these crimes and spent approximately 9 years as a client for the DOC.

Upon my arrival I weighed 300+ lbs. and decided a enough was a enough, and began changing who and what I was. I did not like what I saw, my life revolved around drugs and alcohol; that is not living! I began exercising, going to work, and doing programs like AA. I became very dedicated and disciplined about living a healthy sober life, for me staying sober has been easy I honestly enjoy it, I was ashamed of who I was and all the people I hurt, I am not ashamed of who I am now and am very confident, and know that life is full of ups and downs and alcohol/drugs aren’t going to make things better.

I arrived to the Granada House April of 2019 very determined to succeed, since that date, I have; graduated the program, graduated Summa Cum Laude from the exercise science program at Quincy College, completed the MATRI program, certificate on active aging- training a booming population, passed the ACE personal trainer exam, and now, a certified personal trainer, work 3# jobs, weekend Overnight Manager at Kelly’s, House Manager at the Graduate House- work 5 overnights as staff at Granada, and work as an instructor 4 days a week at a local gym, still continuing with my education, just finished a youth and senior class from Quincy College – exercise program, and have signed up for 9# more classes to continue my education in the fitness industry, all this while I still exercising 5-6 days a week.

For me its simple, find something you are passionate about that doesn’t involve drugs and alcohol, no-one said it was going to be easy, it takes a lot of work, but utilize the tools here at Granada, its going to take effort on the client’s part but it can be done, it they are willing to do the footwork.

I want to say I appreciate the people who believed in me, Holly from Mass Rehab, Mr. Shiu from Mass Hire, Bob General Manager at Kellys, Granada Staff who brought me here upon release, Vijay for the House Manager position, and there are many more, but most of all to myself for the hard work I have, and continue to put in; I have been sober going on 11 years now and love it. There are going to be problems and obstacles in life but I believe if you want it bad enough you can achieve anything. I am judged on my past daily, and its tough, but I am rewriting my future with hard work and most of all sobriety. That’s who I want to be remembered for who I am now, not then. Put the effort in, it’s worth it.