Men’s Support Group

The Foundation of Support Essential to Growth

The Granada House Men’s Support Group takes on a dual role; for newcomer, it is the mandatory meeting that provides clear understanding of the rules of the house, the foundation from which participants can build as they move along the road to recovery, participants engage ‘old-timers’ in addressing questions and concerns within the house.

After initial instructions, the facilitator steps back as members answer questions with and for each other. The meeting is open to the give and take of information exchange, helping participants gain self-esteem in the process. Misinformation can be quickly corrected by the facilitator, who then redirects the meeting to a positive ending.

The group plays another role as well. The final four weeks prior to graduation, the ‘old-timers’ have an opportunity to reinforce all that has been accomplished on the road to sobriety in the previous five months. It acts as a refresher course, on what has been learned, and the tools they now have in their possession. Anxiety and stress at the new road ahead can be brought to the surface, and participants are encouraged to connect with Granada House staff to get the help they need to move confidently forward.