Seeking Safety Group

Recovery Through Understanding

The Seeking Safety Group was formed as a program response to the realization that many of Granada’s clients live with PTSD. The combination of living in early recovery and with PTSD makes these clients especially susceptible to relapse. The Seeking Safety Group hopes to provide the group members with tools with which they can address their PTSD and maintain a sufficient time both safe and sober, that they might develop a lifelong program of independent living in gratitude and hope.

The Guidelines of the Seeking Safety Group

  1. Assist each client in establishing and maintaining a sense of safety.
  2. Integrate a program of safety and early recovery.
  3. Learn the essential principles:
    • Safe and sober thinking
    • Actions
    • Relationships
    • Access to and use of staff, support, and guidance
  4. Understand and principles the essential principles of this integrated program.
  5. Develop a serious commitment to an ongoing and evolving use of regular, therapeutic, support processes.