Beyond Relapse Group

Getting to the Heart of Relapse
  • Intense (group) that allows members to find their way past impulses and actions to help maintain sobriety.
  • Explore feelings, thoughts, and actions associated with relapse.
  • Help to identify triggers associated with prior relapses and substance use and develop a defense against these triggers.

Individual Counseling

Personal Progress – One Person at a Time
  • Each week individuals counseling is used to discuss drug and alcohol, medical, legal, psychological, and family histories.
  • Residents are guided through early methods of recovery and tools needed to maintain sobriety.
  • Residents are provided with an opportunity to discuss parts of their lives that may be hindering their progress helping them achieve contented sobriety and a happier more productive life.

Men’s Support Group

The Foundation of Support that is Essential to Growth
  • Men’s Group is a professionally facilitated peer support group that provides a positive and supportive outlet for our male residents to share freely about common challenges facing men in recovery; challenges such as anger, boredom, anxiety, depression, family problems, financial pressures, difficulty with trust and histories of trauma.
  • Participants can develop supportive friendships that extend beyond their time together at Granada House as a result of this shared experience.

Parenting Group

A Positive Approach to the Challenges We Face
  • Positive parenting is a universal challenge – recovery from addiction and alcoholism compounds this challenge.
  • Eight-part series focuses on the intersection of addiction or alcoholism treatment and recovery and positive approach to parenting.
  • Helping parents develop confidence in their ability to parent effectively.

Women’s Support Group

Strategies for the Long and Short Term
  • Here they learn the rules of the house and the basic ABC’s of recovery specific to their experiences in sobriety as women.
  • Women close to graduation serve as facilitators. A kinship develops between those new to sobriety and those who have some time under their belt and can offer words of encouragement.
  • This helps to reinforce self-worth and recognize the growth that has been achieved which continues long after their departure from the house – graduates are welcomed back to the group in order to connect with other women in the Granada House family.

Seeking Safety Group

Recovery Through Understanding
  • Many of Granada’s clients live with PTSD – the combination of living in early recovery and with PSTD makes them especially susceptible to relapse.
  • Provide tools with which they can address their PTSD and how it affects their sobriety.
  • Develop a personal plan that helps manage PTSD while living a sober life.

Radiance – Spirituality

Asking the Questions and Exploring the Truths
  • RS is designed to help residents answer some of the fundamental internal questions they may face: Who am I? Where am I going? Why am I here?
  • RS enables participants to consider, discuss and find some of the internal spiritual answers they may seek – a sense of belonging is created through a shared experience and the interconnectedness of each human soul.
  • Provides knowledge which supports understanding and balance in resident lives, which will lead to long-term growth and peace of mind.