Toby’s Story

“Granada House is my home”

Granada House is a recovery home in Allston that has a long, proud history of successfully helping people live free from addiction. On Christmas Eve 1992, I entered the Granada House. I thank God that I did. For many years I tried many times to remain sober, but was unable to until I came to the Granada House. Going through the Granada House was the simplest, yet hardest, thing I ever did. I just followed the instructions.

After graduating, I spent even more time around the house and eventually became a night staff person. I didn’t want to be a counselor, yet I was still too scared to try to live on my own. I did eventually move on and build my own life, but I still follow the instructions.

To this day I still feel as though Granada House is my home. Over the past 19 years, I have earned two graduate degrees and built an outstanding career with purpose and satisfaction. I enjoy wonderful relationships with my family. The most extraordinary gift of all is my son. I have stood in the pouring rain jumping in puddles with him and have had my finger tugged by him to see the ducks. To be part of a young life in a single moment is extraordinary. For the many moments I am present with unconditional love to share with my son, I thank the Granada House.