Women’s Support Group

Beginning Strategies for the Long and Short Term

The Women’s Support Group is divided into two parts. The first four weeks are required of all women new to Granada House. Here they learn the rules of the house and the basic ABCs of recovery specific to their experiences in sobriety as women. Women close to graduation also attend and serve as facilitators. A kinship develops between those new to sobriety and those who are ready to leave the house living sober lives.

The second four weeks in this group serves as a reminder of their work and helps to strengthen the sobriety message prior to graduation.  It is a time used to reinforce self-worth and recognize the growth that has been achieved which continues long after their departure from the house.

These meetings are moments of reassurance that when moments of doubt and insecurities return, the graduates will be welcomed back to the group in order to connect with other women in the Granada House family.