Radiance Spirituality

Asking the questions, exploring the truths

Radiance is designed to help residents of Granada House answer some of the fundamental internal questions they face. Who am I? Where am I going? Why am I here. Held as an interactive group, Radiance enables participants to consider, discuss and find some of the internal spiritual answers they seek. Knowledge which supports understanding and maintaining sobriety and balance in resident lives.

These meetings open hearts and minds to discussion on questions that all humans face, bringing a sense of community and deeper connection with the sense of self essential to long term growth and peace of mind. Participants find a sense of belonging through the shared experience of the struggle of belief and the interconnectedness of each human soul.

Facilitated by Robert D. Power, MA
Bob is a recent graduate from the Granada House Program and a new addition to its Staff. As a former Jesuit and ordained Roman Catholic Priest who worked in Secondary Education, Parishes, and Retreats, Bob brings experience in the areas of teaching, pastoral care, and the use of story-telling as an art of both self-discovery and connecting with others. He is currently enrolled in a Certificate Program the University of Massachusetts in Boston, studying to become a certified addiction counselor.

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